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Constitutional defects, conflicts: Time for special Court to act

By The guardian reporter
11th February 2011

While Tanzanians are clamouring for a new constitution,  argues that the existing defects and conflicts between the 1977 Union Constitution and 1984 Zanzibar constitution amount to a conflict between the two Governments that must be settled through the Special Constitutional Court. Read More…

He further contends that as Tanzania searches for constitutional reforms, the ears of Tanzania’s political leaders will ring with the voices of the people, and that the test of leadership is to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency, and that political emergencies in Africa, like violent seas, seldom produce skillful sailors. Read on…
Tanzanians often blame the Government for referring to Tanzania’s Union Constitution as being the Mother of all Tanzania’s laws while the Government has seldom shown that Mother to the people during nearly 34 years after the Constitution came into force, just like Tanzania’s traditional herbalist will seldom disclose the source of his/her medicine.
In one of my articles in this newspaper, I wondered why Tanzania’s political leaders had all along refrained from distributing to the people copies of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977, as amended (“the Union constitution”) which originally came into force on April 26, 1977.
The Special Constitutional Court of the United Republic (“the Special Court”) is established by article 125 appearing in chapter 5 of the Union Constitution which consists of 10 chapters. The Chapters are: 1 (Preamble); 2 (The Executive of the United Republic); 3 (The legislature of the United Republic); 4 (The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, The Zanzibar Revolutionary Council and the House of Representatives of Zanzibar); 5 (Dispensation of Justice in the United Republic); 6 (The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance and the Public Leaders’ Ethics Secretariat); 7 (Provisions Regarding the Finances of the United Republic); 8 (Public Authorities); 9 (Armed Forces); and 10 (Miscellaneous Provisions). The Union Constitution consists of only 152 Articles and has annexed to it two short schedules, first and second.
Article 125 provides:
“125. There is hereby established the Special Constitutional Court of the United Republic whose jurisdiction, constitution and procedure shall be as stipulated in the provisions of Articles 126 and 128 of this Constitution”
The Special Court shall hold its sittings only when there is a dispute to be heard, and shall sit in any place to be decided upon in accordance with the procedure applicable to the purposes of hearing disputes submitted to the Special Court.
The sole function of the Special Court is to hear and give a conciliatory decision over a matter referred to it concerning the interpretation of the Union Constitution where such interpretation or its application is in dispute between the Government of the United Republic and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.
However, the Special court is prohibited from inquiring into or altering the decision of the High Court or the decision of the Court of Appeal which has been given in accordance with the provisions of Article 83 which deals with the determination of the validity of a person’s membership of Parliament.
The Union Constitution gives no right of appeal to any forum against any conciliatory decision given by the Special Court, such decision being final.
It is important to stress that the only parties to the dispute before the Special Court are the two Governments referred to above.
The Special Court shall consist of members of whom one half shall be appointed by the Government of the United Republic and the other half shall be appointed by the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.
A person may be appointed a member of the Special Court only if he holds or has previously held the office of Justice of appeal or of Judge of the High Court of the United Republic of Tanzania or of the High Court of Zanzibar. He may also be appointed if he is a person who has the ability and experience which qualify him to be appointed to the office of Judge or acting Judge under the law for the time being in force in Mainland Tanzania or in Tanzania Zanzibar, as the case may be.
The quorum for every sitting of the Special Court shall be all its members. Where any member is absent or the seat of any member is vacant, then the Government which had appointed that member who is absent or whose seat is vacant shall appoint another member to replace him.
A temporary member appointed in that manner shall continue to hold office in the Special Court until the substantial member resumes duty or until a person is appointed to fill the vacancy or until the dispute is determined, whichever of those events occurs earlier.
The determination of every matter requiring a decision of the Special Court shall be on the basis of the opinion of two-thirds of the members appointed from Mainland Tanzania and two-thirds of the members appointed from Tanzania Zanzibar.
Article 128(4) empowers Parliament to provide for the procedure for: the election of the Chairman of the Special Court, the submission of disputes to the Special Court, hearing of disputes, and transmission of the decisions of the Special Court to the Governments.
The sub-Article further provides that, where any matter is referred to the Special Court before legislation is enacted for laying down such procedure, the matter will be heard and decided in accordance with the procedures to be decided upon by the Special Court itself before hearing the matter.
If members of the Special Court fail to agree on such procedure, then the matter shall be heard and decided in accordance with the procedure to be decided upon by the Government of the United Republic in collaboration with the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. I have not been able to trace any legislation by Parliament laying down such procedure.
An example of a dispute that may arise for hearing and determination by the Special Court is the conflict between the provisions of Articles 1 and 2 of the Union Constitution on the one hand, and Articles 1,2 and 2A of the Constitution of Zanzibar, 1984, as amended from 1985 to August 13,2010, on the other hand.
Articles 1 and 2 of the Union Constitution provide:
“1. Tanzania is one State and is a sovereign United Republic”
2. (1) The territory of the United Republic consists of the whole of the area of Mainland Tanzania and the whole of the area of Tanzania Zanzibar, and includes the territorial waters.
(2) For the purpose of the efficient discharge of the functions of the Government of the United Republic or of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, the President may, in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law or provisions of such law as may be enacted by Parliament, divide the United Republic into regions, districts and other areas:
Provided that the President shall first consult with the President of Zanzibar before dividing Tanzania Zanzibar into regions, districts or other areas”
Articles 1, 2 and 2A of the Constitution of Zanzibar, 1984, provide:
“1. Zanzibar ni Nchi ambayo eneo lote la mipaka yake ni eneo lote la visiwa vya Unguja na Pemba na visiwa vidogo vilivyozunguka na bahari yake ambayo kabla ya Muungano wa Tanganyika na Zanzibar ikiitwa Jamhuri ya watu wa Zanzibar.
Zanzibar ni miongoni mwa Nchi mbili zinazounda Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania.
2A. Kwa ajili ya utekelezaji bora wa shughuli za Serikali, Rais aweza kuigawa Zanzibar katika Mikoa, Wilaya na maeneo mengineyo kwa kufuata utaratibu uliowekwa na sheria iliyotungwa na Baraza la Wawakilishi”
A comparison and contrast of the English and Kiswahili texts quoted above discloses that: (1) Tanzania is, according to the Union Constitution, one State, but according to the Zanzibar Constitution, 1984, as amended, Tanzania consists of two States, the second one being Tanzania Zanzibar, and (2) that the President of Zanzibar, who is also both the Head of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and the Chairman of the Zanzibar Revolutionary Council, may divide Tanzania Zanzibar into regions, districts and other areas without consultation with the President of the United Republic.
But according to Article 152(3), the Union Constitution shall apply to Mainland Tanzania as well as to Tanzania Zanzibar. And Articles 8 and 28 of the Union Constitution provides so as far as relevant:
(2) The structure of the Government of the United Republic and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar or any of their organs, and the discharge of their functions shall be so effected as to take into account the unity of the United Republic and the need to promote national unity and preserve national dignity”
28-(1) Every citizen has the duty to protect, preserve and maintain the independence, sovereignty, territory and unity of the nation.
And Article 103(2) of the Union Constitution provides, so far as relevant:
(2) The Head of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar shall, before assuming office, subscribe the oath before the Chief Justice of Zanzibar to protect and defend the Constitution of the United Republic and any other oath in accordance with the Constitution of Zanzibar in connection with the execution of his duties, and then shall assume office and discharge those functions in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution and the Constitution of Zanzibar, 1984.
The Union Constitution as stated above came into force on April 26, 1977, very much earlier than when the Constitution of Zanzibar, 1984, came into force on January 12, 1985. And Article 64(5) of the Union Constitution declares supremacy of the Union Constitution over the latter Constitution.
Article 98 of the Union Constitution provides the procedure for altering the Constitution and certain laws. I am not aware that Articles 1 and 2 of the Union Constitution have ever been altered to accommodate the provisions of Articles 1, 2 and 2A of the Constitution of Zanzibar.
Accordingly, here we have a conflict between the two Governments for hearing by the Special Court.
Now that there is a clamour far drafting a new Union Constitution, it is high time for scrutinizing the two Constitutions to ascertain the presence of any other defect or conflict so that the two Constitutions may chime in with each other. Indeed, there are several other defects and conflicts.
One finally hopes that, as Tanzania searches for constitutional reforms, the ears of Tanzania’s political leaders will ring with the voices of the people, that the test of leadership is to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency, and that political emergencies in Africa, like violent seas, seldom produce skillful sailors.
The writer is a senior advocate who can be reached at mob: 0784 312623 or email:

‘Zanzibar tulikuwa tunagombea tusichokijua’  

Tuesday, 08 February 2011
Na Joyce Mmasi

 “Hakuna kiongozi wa upinzani katika Baraza la Wawakilishi, hakuna mawaziri wa CCM wala CUF, kuna viongozi wa serikali ya umoja wa kitaifa, inayoozwa na Wazanzibari, ndani ya serikali, suala la vyama halipo, vyama vyetu vinafuata baadaye,” ndizo lugha za mawaziri na wawakilishi wa vyama viwili vya siasa visiwani zanzibar niliopata fursa ya kuzungumza nao.

Ziara yangu ya siku tano katika visiwa hivyo imeniwezesha kuzungumza na wawakilishi pamoja na mawaziri kutoka vyama viwili vya siasa  CCM na CUF waliopata fursa ya kuunda serikali ya umoja wa kitaifa wote kwa umoja wao walikiri kuwa hali ya kisiasa katika visiwa hivyo vya unguja na pemba kwa sasa ni shwari na kuwa wananchi wanaifurahia kutokana na amani inayoendelea kuimarika siku hadi siku.

Miongoni mwa viongozi niliopata fursa ya kuzungumza nao ni mawaziri wa Fedha, Ali Yusuf Mzee, Afya, Juma Duni Haji, Sheria na Katiba, Aboubakar Khamis na Waziri wa Miundombinu, Mawasiliano na Uchukuzi, Hamad Masoud Hamad. Wote kwa ujumla wao licha ya tofauti zao kiitikadi wanasema, “serikali ya umoja wa kitaifa imeleta mambo makubwa na mazuri na imesaidia watu kusema ukweli, imeleta upatanishi, imeleta maridhiano, imefuta makovu na kukausha vidonda vyote,” anasema Waziri Ally Yusuf Mzee.

Mzee anasema kutokana na maridhiano hayo, Zanzibar itakuwa na amani na maendeleo. “penye amani pana maendeleo, kama ulivyoona sasa hakuna upinzani bungeni, kuna ‘backbenchers,’ kuna mawaziri na wawakilishi, hata muundo wetu wa kukaa, huwezi kujua CUF na CCM tunakaa kwa kujichanganya, hii ni ishara kuwa sasa hatusukumwi na itikadi za vyama, na badala yake tunasukumwa na uzalendo na kuleta maendeleo katika nchi yetu.”

Anasema, masuala ya itikadi za vyama yataonekana wakati wa uchaguzi na kampeni kwa nia ya kutafuta ushindi kila mtu kwa chama chake, lakini katika Baraza hilo la wawakilishi, wote wanalenga katika kuiletea maendeleo na kuibadili Zanzibar irejee katika hali yake ya zamani na kubadili maisha ya watu wake waweze kuishi kwa amani na wakati huo wapate maendeleo.

Anasema Serikali ya Umoja wa Kitaifa inasaidia watu kusema ukweli na kuboresha maisha ya wananchi wake. “ sasa hivi hakuna chama kitakachoonekana kupinga harakati za maendeleo ziwe zinafanywa na yeyote kati yetu, iwe CUF au CCM, kwa kuwa malengo yetu wote ni maendeleo kwa nchi yetu kila atakayekuja na mpango wa maendeleo atapata sapoti kutoka upande mwingine tofauti na zamani ambapo ilikuwa vigumu kwa upande mmoja kuunga mkono juhudi zozote za upande wa pili kutokana na chuki iliyokuwapo.

Kwa upande wake Waziri wa Sheria na Mambo ya Katiba ambaye Aboubakar Khamis Bakari anasema, “tunaenda vizuri sana katika serikali na katika vikao vyetu vya Baraza la Mawaziri tumekubaliana hatuamui jambo kwa kura, tunafikia mwafaka wa jambo lolote kwa kueleweshana na kila upande kuridhika, hatutaki kura maana katika kura akitokea hata mmoja akasema no hilo tunaliona kama doa, tunataka tumridhishe na yule mmoja kisha wote tukubaliane ndipo utekelezaji ufanyike.

“Tunafanya kazi ‘as a team work’ hatusukumwi na itikadi, tunasukumwa na matatizo yetu Wazanzibari na jinsi ya kuyatatua, tunaunganisha mawazo yetu, malengo ni kuja na uamuzi wa pamoja wenye lengo la kuwakomboa wananchi na kuleta maendeleo ya Zanzibar,” anasema Aboubakar.

Je, katika ushirikiano huo, ni ilani ya chama kipi inayotekelezwa, Aboubakar anasema, “kama nilivyokwambia, suala la vyama ndani ya serikali halipo, lakini suala la utekelezaji wa ilani tulikubaliana kuwa chama kitakachoshinda nafasi ya urais ndicho ambacho ilani yake itatekelezwa, lakini jambo muhimu ni kwamba katika ilani, ziwe za CUF au CCM zina lengo moja, na hata hivyo utekelezaji wa kila jambo tunaamua katika vikao vya Baraza la Mapinduzi,” anasema na kuongeza kuwa kikibwa wanachozingatia ni nchi kwanza na vyama vya siasa vinafuata.

Je, kwa muundo huo wa serikali ulioondoa upinzani katika Baraza, hauwezi kuwafanya wao kama serikali kulala usingizi baada ya kukosa changamoto za kupingwa, kuhojiwa na hata kusukumwa wanapoonekana kulegalega? Aboubakar anasema, “sisi tumewaambia wawakilishi wetu ambao hawakupata fursa ya kuwa katika Baraza la Mawaziri kuwa wajibu wao ni kuihoji serikali, kwanini hili halikufanyika, hili linaenda visivyo na hata kuishauri, sasa tunatarajia upinzani mkubwa zaidi kutoka kwa ‘backbenchers’ kuliko kutoka katika vyama vya upinzani, maana wale wawakilishi watasema lolote bila kujali itikadi za vyama vyao, na ukipata ‘backbenchers’ wazuri wenye moyo, watahoji, wataibua mambo mapya, naamini barara lililopo ni zuri na kutakuwa na hali ya kutikiswa katika utendaji mambo yakionekana kwenda sivyo na hii itasaidia kupata utendaji mzuri katika baraza la wawakilishi.”

Nilipopata fursa ya kuzungumza na juma duni haji, ambaye ni waziri wa afya wa serikali ya kwanza ya umoja wa kitaifa nilitaka kujua endapo nafasi ya cuf kama chama kikuu cha siasa katika visiwa hivyo inaendelea au ndio tayari imeungana na CCM na kupotea, ambapo anatoa jibu moja tu kuwa chama hicho kimeimarika zaidi.

Anafafanua kwa kusema, “machungu sasa yamegeuka kuwa mapenzi, huko mitaani hakuna CCM wala CUF, kuna matumaini, mabadiliko, upendo, furaha na zaidi ya yote maendeleo yanakuja kwa kasi ya ajabu, huu ndio ushindi, kwa kuwa misheni yetu haikuwa kupata utawala pekee, ilikuwa kuitafuta amani ya Wazanzibari ambayo tumeipata, kwanini tusiuite ushindi?”

Duni anasema Zanzibar imerejea kuwa kisiwa cha amani na wananchi wake wanaishi kama ndugu tofauti na kipindi cha nyuma ambapo siasa ilivigeuza visiwa hivyo kuwa maeneo ya machafuko kila ulipotokea uchaguzi au hata pale watu walipokuwa wakijadili siasa, lakini anasema, mambo yamebadilika ambao sasa amani imetawala na kuuita huo ni ushindi wa kishindo.

Anasema, “tulikuwa tunagombea tusichokijua, sasa tumejua kuwa tunatakiwa tugombee maendeleo ya Wazanzibar, tumeamua tuwe na sauti moja ya kuangalia jinsi ya kuibadili Zanzibar na kuiletea maendeleo na kubadili maisha ya watu wake yawe yenye amani na matumaini,” anasema.

Hamad Masoud Hamad, ambaye yeye ni Waziri wa Mawasiliano na Uchukuzi anasema, “Serikali ya Umoja wa Kitaifa ni ushindi wa Wazanzibari kwani sasa wanapata kile walichokikosa kwa zaidi ya miaka 20 sasa, wanapata amani na maelewano, wanasikilizana na wanafurahia hali hiyo zaidi kuliko kuangalia nani kashindwa na nani kashinda,” anasema.

Hamad anasema, katika kipindi cha miezi miwili pekee ya serikali hiyo ya umoja wa kitaifa imebadili nchi hiyo na kuifanya kuwa imara na isiyo na matatizo ya kisiasa.
“Sasa kila aliyepewa nafasi ya kuongoza anafanya kazi yake kwa moyo na sifa hazipelekwi kwa vyama vya siasa zinapelekwa katika Serikali ya Umoja wa Kitaifa,” anasema.  Anasema matarajio yao viongozi waliopata fursa ya kuunda serikali ya kwanza ya umoja wa kitaifa ni kuwa ifikapo mwaka  mmoja kuwe na mabadiliko yatakayoonekana na mataifa mengine yote duniani yajifunze kutoka kwao.
Wateketeza baa Mji Mkongwe 

Sunday, 06 February 2011
Salma Said, Zanzibar

WATU wasiojulikana, wameiteketeza kwa moto, baa moja iliyoko katika maeneo ya Mji Mkongwe Zanzibar. Tukio hilo limekuja siku kadhaa baada ya baadhi ya wananchi katika eneo hilo, kulalamikia vitendo vya kudharauliwa kwa amri ya mahakama, ya kutaka baadhi ya baa zilizoko katika makazi ya watu, zifungwe.

Wimbo la watu kujichukulia sheria mikononi, lilianza wiki iliyopita katika maeneo ya Darajabovu na Mwanyanya, ambako watu wasiojulikana, walichoma moto baa mbili zilizoko katika makazi ya watu. Juzi watu watu hao waliiongia katika baa ya Migombani, kati kati ya Mji Mkongwe na kuteketeza kila kitu yakiwemo masanduku ya kuhifadhia pombe na vitu vyengine muhimu.
Kwa mujibu wa watu walioshuhudia tukio hilo lililotokea saa 8:00 usiku, moto huo ulianza baada ya kusikika kwa mlio  mlipuko mkubwa. Walisema baadaye walitoka nje ya nyumba zao na kukuta moto ukiteketeza baa. Mlinzi mmpka katika eneo la baa hiyo alisema awali aliwaona watu wawili wakiingia ndani ya jengo hilo na muda mfupi baadaye, alisikia mlio wa risasi, zilizowapiga mbwa wawili waliokuwepo katika eneo hilo.
“Nilisikia kishindo kikubwa cha mlipiko na muda mfupi baadaye nikamuona mbwa wetu mmoja amelala lakini akiwa a mekufa,nadhani ilikuwa ni risasi,” alisema.
Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa wa Mjini Magharibi, Azizi Juma Mohammedm alikiri kutokea kwa tukio hilo na kwamba uchunguzi unaendelea ili kujua chanzo.

“Tumepata taarifa za tukio hilo la kuchomwa moto kwa baa mmoja iliyopo katikati ya Mji Mkongwe. Hatujajua chanzo chake lakini tutatoa taarifa baada ya kufuatilia kwa kina,” alisema.

Mkurugenzi wa baa hiyo,  Christopher John Makata alielezea kusikitishwa kwake juu ya kitendo hicho ambacho alisema kimemsababishia hasara kubwa. Makata alisema wakati moto huo unateketeza baa hiyo kulikuwa na  kreti 600 za bia na vinywaji vyengine vikiwemo soda na maji ya chupa. Alisema hasara iliyotokana na moto huyo inakadiriwa kufikia Sh60 milioni.



What next after Karume and Maalim Seif U-turn?

MYSTERY still surrounds the recent move by Zanzibar President Amani Abeid Karume and CUF’s Secretary General Seif Sharif Hamad to put aside their political differences in a move both have described as aimed at promoting peace, stability and unity in Zanzibar. No one has yet given a clue on what would follow next, sparking off dozens of speculations, including the formation of a government of national unity next year, with Mr Hamad, popularly known as Maalim Seif, taking over as vice-president or prime minister.” Read more

Court orders auction of Bwawani Hotel

Zanzibar High Court yesterday ordered the auction of Bwawani International Hotel following the Zanzibar Government’s failure to pay a Thai firm 1.6trn/- in debt. The famous and historic hotel was built by the founding president of the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government, the late Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume and has since been property of the Isles government. The decision was reached after the Thai firm – Leamthore Rice Ltd won a civil suit it had filed against the Zanzibar government. Read more

 Zanzibar Heroes: Last bet for Maximo?

 Weary Kilimanjaro Stars face blood brothers Zanzibar Heroes in the second match of the Group C to be played at Mumias Complex this afternoon. Actually, Kilimanjaro Stars are walking on tight rope to find a breakthrough before being knocked out of the regional championship. The match is expected to kick off simultaneously with another clash of Group B as COSAFA champions Zimbabwe meet Eritrea at the Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi. Zanzibar kicks off the match with great composure after collecting three points in their opening match against Burundi on Sunday. Read more

 Ministers: No room for coalition government in Zanzibar

Two senior Zanzibari ministers have poured cold water on the prospects of forming a government of national unity in Zanzibar, following the recently improved relations with the opposition Civic United Front (CUF). Speaking on separate occasions, the Zanzibar Deputy Chief Minister, Mr Ali Juma Shamhuna, and the State Minister in the Vice-President’s Office (Union), Mr Mohammed Seif Khatib, opposed the idea of setting up a coalition government. Read more

 Dk Salim: Ukiona nchi ina matatizo, wa kulaumiwa ni viongozi

 Hakuna asiyetambua kuwa Bara hili lina nyenzo nyingi sana, lina kila aina ya mali, rasilimali yetu kubwa kuliko zote ni watu wetu ambao wanafanyakazi usiku na mchana tena katika mazingira magumu. Kuna kila aina ya madini katika Bara letu, dhahabu almasi na kadhalika, pamoja na hayo tuna mafuta pia katika Bara letu. Kuna ardhi kubwa sana katika Afrika, kuna mito na maziwa ya kila aina lakini bado nchi zetu, watu wetu ndio wenye umasikini kuliko watu wote duniani. Endelea kusoma

 Nani ana sauti ya mwisho Zanzibar?

Shamhuna ambaye pia ni Waziri wa Habari wa SMZ alisema Zanzibar haihitaji Serikali ya mseto wala ya Umoja wa Kitaifa; kinachotakiwa ni kujenga utamaduni wa kukubali matokeo ya uchaguzi kwa kushinda ama kushindwa. Hii inamaanisha kwamba, utaratibu wa sasa uendelee hata kama mshindi atapatikana kwa tofauti ya kura moja. Naye Khatib aliwaambia Wazanzibari kisiwani Pemba katika mkutano wa hadhara kuwa umoja wa Wazanzibari hauhitaji kushirikishwa chama kingine chochote, kwa sababu CCM peke yake inaweza kuweka umoja na mshikamano kwa vile ndiyo sera ya chama hicho. Kwa ujumla kauli hizo zinachanganya na kubainisha kwamba, SMZ na CCM hawakubaliani na yaliyofikiwa na kina Maalim Seif na Karume katika kutatua tatizo la mvutano uliopo visiwani humo ambao umesababisha kudorora kwa maendeleo katika baadhi ya maeneo na kuwepo uhasama baina ya wananchi wa visiwani uliosababishwa na tofauti za kisiasa. Endelea kusoma

Karume: No elections next year in Zanzibar if…

Zanzibar President Amani Abeid Karume says no eligible voter will be left out in the registration of voters in the Isles ahead of next year’s elections. He told reporters at Zanzibar Airport on Saturday evening that the elections would not be held if all eligible Zanzibaris would not be registered. Read more

Union:Zanzibaris to send their case to the ICJ

A GROUP of Zanzibaris claiming that the current union was ‘unlawful,’ have vowed to fight-on for what they call ‘new union,’ by filing a case at the International Court of Justice, following UN response to their letter sent to the world body last May. Mr Rashid Addy, the leader of the group told a press conference last week at the Information Centre (Habari Maelezo), that they were not pleased with the UN response to their demand from “UN to explain thoroughly about the foundation of the union between Zanzibar and Tanganyika.” Read more

What is Norway oiling in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is back on the national and international agenda. Of course it has always been on the agenda. But it’s a long time since it was such a mysterious agenda. For a whole week we have been treated with puzzling news. ‘What are Karume and Seif up to in Zanzibar? queried The Citizen. ‘Z’bar’s Strange Bedfellows’ quipped the Sunday Citizen. What I found particularly surprising is not “the recent rare talks between Zanzibar’s erstwhile political foes, President Amani Abedi Karume and the opposition Civic United Front leader, Maalim Seif Shariff Hamad” (Sunday Citizen 15 November 2009). Why should I be shocked while I know if nothing, or anything, is not done now Zanzibar will explode? When? 2010. Read more

 Nafasi ya Kiswahili katika Ulimwengu wa Utandawazi

PAMOJA na baadhi ya watu kuibeza lugha ya Kiswahili, harakati za wadau kuikuza lugha hiyo kitaifa na kimataifa zimepamba moto. Kitivo cha Sanaa na Sayansi za Jamii cha Chuo Kikuu Huria Tanzania kimeongeza idadi ya watetezi wa Kiswahili wanaoamini lugha hiyo inakidhi mahitaji ya kitaaluma na kimawasiliano ndani na nje ya Tanzania. Endelea kusoma

ZIRPP visit to ZIFA

n our continued efforts towards forging closer cooperation with other institutions of higher learning in Zanzibar, on 1 October 2009, the Interim Executive Director, Mr. Muhammad Yussuf, paid a courtesy call on Mr. Kamal Kombo Bakari, the Principal of the Zanzibar Institute for Financial Administration (ZIFA) at Chwaka. Among other important issues, Mr. Yussuf appraised the Principal of ZIFA on the aims and objectives of the newly established ZIRPP and expressed the hope that the two entities would resolve to forge closer cooperation between them for mutual benefit and specifically so in the areas of research and ICT. Read more

Zanzibaris seek safety in Somalia

There are six of us but we only have one mattress, so we put our bodies on the mattress and our legs on the ground, so says Zanzibari Ali Ja'far in this AFP's photo

There are six of us but we only have one mattress, so we put our bodies on the mattress and our legs on the ground, so says Zanzibari Ali Ja'far in this AFP's photo

It is hard to understand why anyone would want to travel 600 miles to seek refuge in Somalia, one of the most dangerous places in the world. Especially if you come from the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar, best known for its tropical beaches lined with coconut-laden palm trees. But although Somalia has been in almost constant conflict since its central government collapsed in 1991, the capital, Mogadishu, has become a haven for hundreds of refugees from the Zanzibari island of Pemba. The refugees originally left the semi-autonomous Tanzanian islands in 2001 when political riots began between the Tanzanian ruling party and the opposition, the Civic United Front. Several people, including policemen, were killed. Read more

Muswada wa kutenga siasa, biashara wagubikwa na utata

MUSWADA wa maadili ya uongozi itakayotenga siasa, biashara na matumizi ya fedha wakati wa uchaguzi unaotarajia kupelekwa bungeni mwanzoni mwa mwaka ujao, umeonekana kuwa mgumu kutekelezeka kutokana na utata katika utekelezaji baadhi ya vipengele vyake. Sehemu kubwa ya muswada huo unaogusa nafasi ya wafanyabishara katika siasa, pia unawataka wanasiasa pamoja na vyama vyao kutaja viwango vya pesa watakavyotumia katika uchaguzi. Endelea kusoma

No voting in Zanzibar without IDs

THE Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) has proved that no Zanzibari will be registered as a voter for the 2010 general election without having a Zanzibar Identity Card (Zan IDs) after refusing to register the 2005 Zanzibar presidential candidate on the Jahazi-Asilia ticket Mr Mussa Haji Kitole. “Everyone is equal before the law; anybody without Zan ID will not be registered. All those without the ID should seek from respective offices and wait for the second round of voters’ registration,” Mr Murshid Khamis Bakar, Voters Registration Officer, Unguja North A has said. Read more

Rasilimali nyingi za Zanzibar bado hazijavunwa

Muhammad Yussuf, Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa ZIRPP

Muhammad Yussuf, Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa ZIRPP

Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa ZIRPP, Muhammad Yussuf, anasema kwamba utafiti umegundua kwamba Zanzibar ina rasilimali kubwa ya watu, na hasa wasomi na wataalamu wa kila fani, lakini wengi wao wako nje ya nchi na hivyo kutoinufaisha Zanzibar moja kwa moja kwa michango ya kimawazo na hata kiutendaji. Kwa hivyo, taasisi hii ina lengo la kuwajumuisha Wazanzibari popote pale walipo kwa madhumuni ya kuwawezesha kuchangia kimawazo na kifikra katika jitihada za kujiletea maendeleo ya kweli. Soma makala kamili

Nyumba ya kada wa CCM Pemba yalipuliwa kwa bomu

MLIPUKO mkubwa umetokea katika nyumba moja huko Wete,Kaskazini Pemba, siku moja baada ya Rais wa Zanzibar, Amani Abeid Karume, kuwahakikishia wananchi na wageni kuwa hali ya usalama Zanzibar, ni shwari. Mlipuko huo ulitokea saa 4:00 usiku wa kuamkia katika nyumba inayomilikiwa na kada wa CCM, Ramadhan Issa Kipaya, iliyoko katika Mtaa wa Mtemani, wilayani Wete. Soma habari kamili


CUF yaichongea Tanzania Jumuiya ya Ulaya

CHAMA Cha Wananchi (CUF), kimeanza kuishawishi Jumuiya za Ulaya (EU), ili iwekee vikwazo Tanzania, kufuatia matatizo yanayojitokeza katika uandikishaji wa wananchi katika Daftari la Kudumu la Wapigakura, visiwani Zanzibar. Tayari Mkurugenzi wa uchaguzi katika chama hicho, Mhene Said Rashid, yuko jijini Stockholm, Sweden, kuanza ushawishi kwa Jumuiya ya Ulaya, kuibinya serikali ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania na ile ya Zanzibar, kwa madai kuwa haziheshimu demokrasia. Soma habari kamili

Zanzibar: Tusipoziba ufa tutajenga ukuta

HAKUNA anayeweza kukataa kuwa Zanzibar inaelekea kubaya, kuwa hali ya visiwani inatia wasiwasi. Zoezi linaloendelea la kujiandikisha katika daftari la wapigakura limetawaliwa na mabomu, risasi, helikopta, uchomaji moto, mapigano, ukamataji wa raia na vitisho vya kuua. Hapo awali tuliambiwa Pemba ndiko kwenye vurugu. Tukasikia na Unguja nako katika kisiwa cha Tumbatu polisi wanamimina mabomu ya machozi kutoka helikopta. Tunaambiwa polisi inashindwa kuwatawanya wananchi kwa kutumia mabomu ya kutoa machozi na ndipo risasi za moto zinafyatuliwa. Soma makala kamili

Karume warns agents of disunity

Zanzibar and the Union Government will spare no efforts in ensuring that its citizens continue to enjoy peace and stability, “a prerequisite in national development. Any attempt to destabilize the country will be met with serious response from the security and law enforcers. Everyone has the right to life and peaceful environment as stipulated in the constitution,” the Zanzibar President Amani Karume has said at a meeting with CCM supporters at Kiwani CCM branch in South Pemba after inspecting the development of the construction of the Mgagadu-Kiwani road. Read more

Dk. Bilal ahofia Zanzibar kuelekea kubaya

Waziri Kiongozi wa zamani wa Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar (SMZ) kipindi cha Dk Salmin Amour, Dk Garib Bilal amesema haelewi siasa za Zanzibar sasa zinaelekea wapi. Dk Bilal alisema hayo juzi katika mahojiano maalumu na Mwananchi Jumapili alipokuwa ametakiwa kuzungumzia vurugu zinazoendelea visiwani Zanzibar katika zoezi la uandikishaji wapigakura kwenye Daftari la Kudumu. Alisema asingependa kusema lolote kuhusu jambo hilo kwa kuwa haelewi siasa za Zanzibar sasa zinaelekea wapi lakini, akashauri mamlaka husika kufanya kila liwezekanalo kudhibiti mambo yanayotokea sasa na kuharibu taswira ya Zanzibar. ”Sielewi siasa hizi zinaelekea wapi na siko katika nafasi nzuri kuzungumzia hilo kwa undani lakini, kwa kuwa kuna mamlaka za kisheria hali iliyopo inapaswa kushughulikiwa na mamlaka hizo,” alisema Dk Bilal. Soma zaidi habari hii

Dialogue best option for Zanzibar crisis – Kikwete

PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete said that the government was in control of the political situation in Zanzibar and any misunderstanding between parties should be resolved by dialogue. Mr Kikwete told the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki- moon, that an amicable solution was within reach as parties involved in the stalemate were willing to go back to the negotiating table, to get to the bottom of the problem. Read more

Who will be Zanzibar`s next president?

There is no doubt Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) top leaders are scratching their heads about a candidate to succeed Zanzibar`s President Amaan Abeid Karume as Tanzania prepares for general elections next year, even though the ruling party has laid down nomination procedures. According to the constitution, Karume will leave the presidency after serving two consecutive five-year terms. Read more

Zaidi ya wanawake 1,300 wajiunga na kisomo cha watu wazima Zanzibar

ZAIDI ya wanawake 1,317 kutoka Pemba Kaskazini na Kusini Unguja, wameanza kujua kusoma na kuandika baada ya kujiunga na mpango wa elimu ya watu wazima unaoendeshwa chini ya mradi wa kuwawezesha wanawake huko Zanzibar (Weza). Taarifa iliyotolewa na Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Waandishi wa habari wanawake, Ananilea Nkya asilimia 75 ya wanawake walionufaika na mpango huo wa elimu ya watu wazima ulioanza Januari mwaka huu wanatoka Pemba na wengine asilimia 25 wanatoka Unguja. Endelea kusoma

Fracas reigns at one of Zanzibar’s voter registration centre

CONFRONTATION over the use of Zanzibar Identity Card (Zan-ID) as number-one condition for any Zanzibari to get registered for the next general elections continued here today, prompting the police to use tear gas at a voters’ registration centre in Tumbatu constituency, north of Unguja Island. “The police used tear gas at the Uvivini registration centre. For security reasons, we ask people not to gather at registration centres. We ask people to observe election rules to avoid unnecessary conflicts,” the North Unguja Regional Police Commander Mselem Mtulia told the ‘Daily News’. Read more

Vurugu Unguja: Polisi wamimina mabomu ya machozi kwa helikopta

AMANI katika Visiwani Zanzibar, inazidi kuwa tete hasa kufuatia vurugu zilizozuka jana na kulilazimisha Jeshi la Polisi kurusha mabomu ya kutoa machozi kutoka kwenye helikopta yake, ili kuwatawanya watu waliokuwa wakifanya vurugu katika vituo kadhaa vya kujiandikisha katika Daftari la Wapiga kura. Habari zilizolifikia gazeti hili zilisema vurugu hizo zilizuka saa 6:00 mchana, katika kisiwa kidogo cha Tumbatu kilichoko katika Mkoa wa Kaskazini Unguja ambako maafisa wa Tume ya Uchaguzi ya Zanzibar (ZEC) walikuwa wanaandikisha watu. Endelea kusoma

Zanzibar to host major Afro-Arab conference

A conference to discuss ways of boosting agricultural production in Africa will be held in Zanzibar later this month, its organisers have said. The Europe-Sadc States Bridge (ESSB), a Berlin-based institution for promoting investments to eastern and southern Africa, said the three-day event would start on September 28. Read more

Kikundi Zanzibar chatishia kumshitaki Katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Mataifa

MWENYEKITI wa kikundi kinachojiita Umoja wa Wazanzibari, Rashid Salum Adiy, ametishia kumshitaki Katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Mataifa (UN) endapo hawatapatiwa majibu ya masuali kadhaa likiwemo nafasi ya Zanzibar katika umoja huo ndani ya siku 14. Rashid alitoa tahadhari hiyo jana alipozungumza na waandishi wa habari katika Ofisi za Idara ya Habari Maelezo Zanzibar. Endelea kusoma

US:This is our agenda in Zanzibar

The United States Government yesterday said it has no “hidden agenda” on Zanzibar, other than to see an improvement in the political situation so that all Zanzibaris can feel represented in their government. Speaking exclusively to The Citizen, the spokesperson at the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Dr Ilya Levin, said the recent travel advisory issued over Pemba was only meant to alert their citizens about the problems they might encounter when visiting the island. Read more

Tanzania to provide an official resting place for deceased national leaders

Tanzania is to become the first East African country to provide an official resting place for deceased national leaders and other great Tanzanians who have shaped the nation’s history. Serving and retired presidents, vice presidents, prime ministers, chief justices and the speakers of the national assembly will be buried in the multi-faith national cemetery. Those designated as national leaders and eligible for the burial include the United Republic of Tanzania president, vice president and prime minister and the president and vice president of Zanzibar. Read more

Wanaowania urais Zanzibar wapigana vikumbo Bara

KAMPENI za kuwania urais wa Zanzibar mwaka 2010, zimeanza kupamba moto huku wagombea watatu wanaotajwa kugombea nafasi hiyo kuanza kupita katika mikoa kadhaa ya Tanzania Bara kuomba kuungwa mkono. Habari zilizopatikana zinaeleza kuwa wanasiasa hao ambao ni Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Makamu wa Rais (Muungano), Mohammed Seif Khatib, Waziri Kiongozi wa Zanzibar, Shamsi Vuai Nahodha na Naibu Waziri wa Ushirikiano Afrika Mashariki, Mohammed Abood. Endelea kusoma

SMZ yapambana na Marekani

Serikali ya Mapinduzi Zanzibar (SMZ), imesema uamuzi wa Marekani kuwazuia raia wake kutembelea kisiwa cha Pemba, si jambo la busara na kinaweza kuathiri hali ya uchumi visiwani humu. Hayo yalielezwa jana na Waziri wa Nchi, Ofisi ya Waziri Kiongozi, Hamza Hassan Juma kufuatia kauli ya nchi hiyo kuwa kuna uwezekano wa kutokea vurugu wakati huu wa kuandikisha wananchi katika daftari la kudumu la wapigakura. Endelea kusoma habari hii

SMZ acheni kuishutumu Marekani jirekebisheni

MAREKANI imewatahadharia raia wake kutopanga safari zisizo za lazima kwenda Pemba, baada ya kutokuwa na imani ya usalama katika eneo hilo wakati huu wa kuekea uchaguzi mkuu wa mwakani. Pamoja na tahadhari hiyo, raia wa Marekani wanaofika nchini kwa ajili ya kwenda Zanzibar hutakiwa kufika kwanza katika ubalozi wa nchi hiyo uliopo Dar es Salaam ili kuhakikisha usalama wao wawapo nchini. Endelea kusoma tahriri ya gazeti la Mwananchi

The State of Membership and Contribution to ZIRPP – An Update

Please be informed that, as of 01 September 2009, the following Zanzibaris have formally registered as members by duly filling in the application forms and paid up their annual subscription fees plus voluntary contributions to the Institute. Read this update

Marekani yaonya raia wake kutoenda Zanzibar

MAREKANI imetahadharisha raia wake kuepuka safari zote zisizo za lazima visiwani Zanzibar kutokana na hofu ya kuibuka kwa zinazohusiana na uchaguzi wakati visiwa hivyo vikiwa kwenye zoezi la kuandikisha wapiga kura kwa ajili ya uchaguzi mkuu wa mwakani. Tahadhari hiyo, ambayo inaweza kuathiri kwa kiasi kikubwa uchumi wa visiwa hivyo unaotegemea utalii, imetolewa wakati Tume ya Uchaguzi Zanzibar (ZEC) ikiwa imesimamisha zoezi hilo la kuandikisha wananchi kwenye Daftari la Kudumu la Wapiga Kura baada ya kutokea vurugu zilizosababisha watu kadhaa kujeruhiwa kisiwani Pemba. Endelea kusoma habari hii

Race, Revolution and the Struggle for Human Rights in Zanzibar (Part 8)

In the 1930s(and even now), however, Zanzibar Town was divided into two main areas, Stone Town and Ng’ambo.The well-to-do people lived in Stone Town, and the less well-offlived in Ng’ambo. Ng’ambo started as a poor man’s land on the other side of the creek from Stone Town.That is what Ng’ambomeans in Swahili,“the other side. ”Stone Town had stone buildings three and four stories high, but Ng’ambo mostly had ground-level buildings constructed of mud, cement, and thatch.The more prosperous had roofs made of corrugated iron. Mostly Arabs and Indians lived in Stone Town; very few Africans lived on that side of the creek; they would come for work in the day and return to Ng’ambo in the evenings. Ng’ambo was more ethnically mixed than Stone Town. There were Arabs and Comorians living near the creek, but the further you went into the interior,the more Africans you encountered. Read more


From eunuchs to eugenics

That the United States’ President Barack Obama is a brilliant man is indisputable. Whether that brilliance is attributable to accidental inter-racial mating of two gifted parents may not be so clear. What is certain is that Obama comes from an American society that earlier in the 20th century still believed in ‘eugenics,’ purposeful selective breeding process to produce quality offspring. Read more of this Ali Mazrui’s article

Muslim clerics unveil own manifesto of 2010 election

The Political Committee of the Council of Muslim Clerics yesterday launched a 45-page guideline for Muslims for the 2010 General Elections. The guideline, entitled ‘Shura ya Maimamu Tanzania Kamati Kuu ya Siasa, Kuelekea Uchaguzi Mkuu 2010’ “Muongozo Kwa Waislamu”, touches on a wide range of social and political issues in the country. Hundreds of people, among them representatives of 22 Mainland regions as well as Zanzibar and Pemba, attended the launch in Dar es Salaam. Read more

Jumba la kulelea watoto Forodhani kugeuzwa makumbusho


JUMBA lililokuwa la kulelea watoto yatima Forodhani linatarajiwa kugeuzwa makumbusho ya usafiri wa baharini ili kutowa fursa kwa wageni na wenyeji kupata historia ya mambo hayo hapa Zanzibar. Jumba hilo, ambalo awali yake walikuwa wakiishi watoto yatima waliokuwa na uangalizi wa Serikali ya Mapinduzi Zanzibar ambao kwa sasa wamehamia katika jengo jipya lililojengwa na Mke wa Rais wa Zanzibar ambae pia ni Mwenyekiti wa Jumuiya ya ZAYEDESA, Mama Shadya Karume, huko Mazizini mjini hapa. Endelea kusoma habari hii

Mifuko ya plastiki bado inatumiwa kinyemela Zanzibar

BAADHI ya wafanyabiashara wa Zanzibar wameonekana kuendelea kuuza mifuko ya plastiki na kuupuza amri ya Serikali licha ya kupiga marufuku matumizi ya mifuko hiyo hapa nchini. Hali hiyo imebainika kufuatia mwandishi wa habari hizi kutembelea katika maeneo tofauti ya biashara katika Manispaa ya mji wa Zanzibar na vitongoji vyake nakubaini kwamba katika maeneo mengi ya biashara bado inaendelea kutumika. Wafanyabaishara wadogo wadogo wanaoza bidhaa katika maeneo mbali mbali maarufu ya biashara mjini hapa wamekuwa wakiwatilia bidhaa wateja wao licha kwamba wamekuwa wakiificha mifuko hiyo. Endelea kusoma habari hii

Bodi yabaini maziwa yasiyofaa kuwepo Zanzibar

BODI ya Udhibiti wa Dawa, Vyakula na Vipodozi Zanzibar imefanya msako wa kushitukiza katika maduka mbali mbali kutafuta maziwa aina ya S26 yanayosadikiwa hayafai kwa matumizi ya binadamu. Bodi hiyo katika msako huo pia imefanikiwa kukamata kiwango kidogo cha maziwa na imeyapiga marufuku kuuzwa na kutumiwa na wananchi Zanzibar. Msako huo ulifanyika jana katika maduka tofautio mjini hapa baada ya kubainika kuwapo maziwa hayo yenye namba moja chini ya jina lake yanayoaminika kuwa na athari kwa wanaoyatumia; hasa watoto. Endelea kusoma habari hii


Zanzibar withdraws passports of unregistered Comorians

Zanzibar authorities have embarked on a special exercise to withdraw passports issued to Zanzibar residents originating from Comoro who had failed to apply for citizenship as directed in 1968 by the first President of the Isles, the late Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume. Read the story

Laiti Tungejifunza Kwa Lugha Zetu

JE, unakumbuka neno hili ‘Tujifunze Lugha Yetu’? Hilo ndilo lililokuwa jina la vitabu vya kiada tulivyovitumia kujifunza Kiswahili enzi za Ujamaa. Kwa hakika lilikuwa andiko la kizalendo. Siku hizi kuna msisitizo mkubwa wa kujifunza kwa lugha ya kigeni. Na si kujifunza tu kwa lugha hiyo, bali pia kuitumia kufundishia. Lo, shule za Kiingereza imekuwa biashara nono mno! Endelea kusoma

Zanzibar ISP connected to Seacom

A Zanzibar-based Internet Services Provider (ISP) has become the latest Tanzanian company to connect with Seacom submarine fibre optic cable. Zanlink whose trade name is Zee Communications Limited becomes the first ISP in the country to be connected with the cable. This is expected to increase competition among ISPs, improve service delivery and lower prices. The Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited and SimbaNet are linked up with Seacom. Read more


Undersea Cable to Link E. Africa, Europe

A consortium of companies planning an undersea cable linking eastern Africa with Europe on Monday won the funding it needed to start construction, a move organizers said will bring this part of the world affordable and reliable telecommunications for the first time. Five development finance institutions agreed to loan the consortium a total of $70.7 million. The East African Submarine Cable System has been working on the $235 million fiber-optic cable project for five years, said Lars Thunell, the executive vice president of the International Finance Corp., the private sector lending arm of the World Bank. Read more

Is there a Sense of Direction by the Tanzania Media?


A HARD look at the Tanzanian media landscape today, to my mind, is not a healthy one. It raises a number of questions. Does the Tanzanian media or media people operate according to a set of principles and values? Which comes first: media ownership interests or respective consciences of media people? Where politicians seem to grope into the darkness, can the Tanzanian media be relied upon to show the way? Is the Tanzanian media fulfilling its educative role to the public or it is doing the opposite, deepening their ignorance? Read more

Tunainasuaje Zanzibar katika mgando huu?

SUALA uandikishaji wapiga kura hapa Zanzibar sasa linaanza kuchukua sura nyengine pale wiki iliyopita Serikali ya Zanzibar ilipojuburi tamko lililotolewa na Umoja wa Ulaya, Marekani na Japan lililosema na kutoa wito kuwa Serikali zinapaswa kuhakikisha kuwa Watanzania wote wanapata haki ya kujiandikisha katika daftari la wapigakura na kwamba SMZ iondoshe kasoro zilizojitokeza katika zoezi hilo. Endelea kusoma

SMZ yatangaza vita Pemba

SERIKALI ya Mapinduzi Zanzibar (SMZ) imetangaza rasmi kutumia nguvu za dola kupambana na makundi ya watu wanaojihusisha na vitendo vya kigaidi katika Kisiwa cha Pemba. Msimamo huo ulitolewa jana na Waziri wa Nchi Afisi ya Waziri Kiongozi, Hamza Hassan Juma katika Ukumbi wa Karimjee, jijini Dar es Salaam wakati wa kongamano la siku moja, lililoandaliwa na Chama cha Wananchi (CUF) kwa lengo la kujadili hali ya kisiasa kisiwani Zanzibar. Endelea kusoma

Zanzibar’s academicians form NGO

ZANZIBAR’s academicians living abroad and home have formed a research NGO dubbed ‘Zanzibar Institute for Research and Public Policy (ZIRPP), that will function as a think-tank, research and policy based institute. Addressing a gathering during the launching ceremony, the acting chairman of the Board of Trustees of ZIRPP, Mr Muhammad Yussuf, said that the institute “will mobilize un-tapped human resources of Zanzibaris from within Zanzibar and in the Diaspora.” Read more


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