Donation of books to Zirpp Library

We have the great pleasure to inform you all that Mr Simai Mohammed Said, has donated 148 used books which are part of the rare collection of his late father, Mr. Mohammed Said Mohammed, on behalf of his family. In a colourful ceremony, Mr Simai handed over the books to ZIRPP Executive Director, Mr. Muhammad Yussuf, on Thursday 03 March 2011 at Zirpp office.

In his remarks, Mr. Simai said that “my late father, Mr Mohammed Said Mohammed, was a teacher, a diplomat and a man who appreciated education; there is, therefore, no a better place then a research center or library to donate the books. It is here that students and Zanzibaris in general will be able to benefit a great deal from these books”.

Some of of the donated books were about the teachings of Chairman Mao Dze Dong, Lenin and Communism. Others were on Pan-Aficanism, Nyerere, Socialism, KGB, Russia, Eastern Europe, Indian Politics including the Gandhi Dynasty and neighbouring countries; as well as International Diplomacy.

On behalf of Zirpp and on my personal behalf, I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr. Mr. Simai for this gesture of tremendous goodwill on his part and his entire family.

Muhammad Yussuf

A Senior Research Officer for Zirpp

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Hashim Salum Pondeza has joined ZIRPP as a Senior Research Officer on a voluntary basis with effect from Monday 07 February 2011. Mr. Pondeza is a holder of  a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA. His photo and complete CV will be displayed shortly on our “ZIRPP Researchers”

Muhammad Yussuf


Dear Friends and Colleagues


We regret to inform you that the ZIRPP international conference planned for 26-27 February 2011 has had to be postponed due to important developments that have recently taken place in Zanzibar.  These developments include the formation of the Government of National Unity after the 31 October 2010 General Elections and the ongoing debate over the need for new constitutions both for the United Republic of Tanzania and for Zanzibar.  After extensive consultations, ZIRPP leadership decided to postpone the scheduled International Conference to a later date in June 2011.  Our main reason is that the postponement would allow us to commission new papers on these crucial issues affecting our country. 
In the meantime, we are inviting contributions on these major changes, their impact on the democratization process, studies of the new role of the opposition in the absence of the traditional opposition in the new House of Representatives and other related issues.  We are also interested in discussions on the new constitutions for the United Republic and that of Zanzibar and their respective impact on the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar, its future and other related issues.
In other words, “Zanzibar since the Revolution” cannot be complete without seriously examining the intricacies of the above-mentioned topics for a healthy and increasingly brain-storming debate on a new dispensation towards a peaceful, politically and economically stable and prosperous Zanzibar.
As much as we regret this postponement, we believe that it will provide us with additional time and opportunity to reflect more deeply on these historic changes in Zanzibar.  We do hope it is not too late to adjust your plans to fit with the new date.
Dr. Ahmed Gurnah

Dear Friends,

This is to kindly inform you that I wish to convene an emergency meeting to discuss the following important issues:
1. ZIRPP international conference scheduled to take place on 26-27 February 2011;
2. The Financial situation of the Institute;
3. The new composition of the Members of the Board of Trustees
4. Any Other Business

If it is convenient to all you, I propose that the meeting should take place on Saturday 15 January 2011 at 10.00 AM at ZIRPP Office. Please confirm your availability.  Coffee, Tea, soft drinks and sneaks will be served.

Thanking you in advance for your continued cooperation and understanding.
Warm Regards,

Muhammad Yussuf

Major changes in the economy, population, culture, classes, wealth creation, religious observance, health provision, education, public administration and in many other areas have occurred in Zanzibar since the revolution.  There has been insufficient research carried out on these or related issues by administrators or scholars.  The main purpose of the conference is, therefore, to stimulate new research in these and other related areas in order:

 l        to improve our understanding of the changes

2        to encourage informed debate on what has occurred and what should take place in the future

3       to play a positive role in policy formulation and social developments on the islands

4        to help in the efforts towards the reduction of abject poverty within the Zanzibari society

 Possible areas of discussion

 1       The Zanzibar economy and industrial developments and changes in the last forty years

2       Land policies and reform since the revolution and its consequences

3       Changes and developments in public health, community health and private provision

4       Changes and developments in school provision, adult education and special education needs

5       The state of HIV/AIDS provision and interventions

6       Gender in-equalities and the position of women

7        The changes in the class structure and new class formations

8        Review of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Strategies and Policies for Poverty Reduction

9        Language and Kiswahili in the last 40 years

10     Review of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Drug Abuse and Crime Prevention Policies

11      The Zanzibar Revolution: Its impact on political, economic, social and cultural development of Zanzibar

12      The State of the Union: Its successes, failures, challenges and their impact on Zanzibar

13      Review of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Environmental Protection Policies and Strategies

14      Review of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Procurement Policies and Practices within the Zanzibar Government institutions

15      Further Measures to Combat Graft and Corruption within the Zanzibar Government Institutions

 Invitation is given to:

All Zanzibaris living in Zanzibar and/or abroad to indicate interest and submit an outline proposal by 15 October 2010.  Non Zanzibaris with an interest on these areas of research are also welcome to submit proposals to or make initial inquiry with:

 Dr Ahmed Gurnah,

At the end of the conference, and after the brainstorming session that will ensue, the papers will be edited and condensed in a form of a book for publication. A copy of the final product (a book) will be presented to the next President of Zanzibar as contribution from Zanzibaris on the way forward towards a peaceful, economically and politically stable and prosperous Zanzibar.

Thanking you all for your continued support and understanding.

Muhammad Yussuf



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Donation of Computers

As you are all aware, the Institute is experiencing an acute shortage of computers to enable it to undertake its activities efficiently and effectively. In fact, the Institute needs two dozen computers in order to enable it to kick-start its activities at this initial stage of its operations. As a result, and in order to alleviate this problem, we have requested our members, friends and good samaritans to donate computers (used or new) for the official use of the Institute. The following members have kindly responded by pledging to provide some computers for the official use of the Institute…. Read more


ZIRPP is seeking an experienced Executive Assistant in its office in Zanzibar to take responsibility for providing administrative support to the Interim Executive Director and the Interim Financial Manager, as well as other duties that may be assigned to her. Interested candidates should kindly send their CVs, cover letter and names of at least three referees to: Read more

 ZIRPP moves to its new office

Kindly be informed that, after your long patience, resilience and perseverance, ZIRPP has finally moved to its new office this afternoon at the Mazrui Building behind Majestic Cinema. We are now in the process of installing office furniture and other important equipment. Read more…

ZIRPP’s new Office

Interim Executive Director, Mr Muhammad Yussuf (left), signing a lease agreement with Mr Hilmy Mazrui (right) at the later's office

Interim Executive Director, Mr Muhammad Yussuf (left), signing a lease agreement with Mr Hilmy Mazrui (right) at the later's office

I have the great pleasure to inform our distinguished members that, after a long search, we have finally found a suitable building for an office space at Vuga behind Majestic Cinema. The building belongs to Mazrui Construction Company Ltd. We have signed a Lease Agreement for an office space in the morning of 28 September 2009 at the Landlord’s office located at Mtoni with effect from the 1st of November 2009. The office space in question used to be occupied by UNICEF before they moved to the ZSTC Building at Gulioni. ZIRPP will, therefore, move to its new formal office on the 1st of November 2009. You are all warmly welcomed.

African Diaspora: Special issue on the African Diaspora in China – Call for Papers

This is a call for papers that address many issues involving all aspects of Africans in China: issues of history, society, culture, language, and Africa – China relations, among others. How are these Africans being influenced by their Chinese hosts and how do they in turn influence their hosts? How does their presence in China impact on trade between Africa and China and how do these Africans contribute to the economies of the countries they originate from? Is this new and emerging African diaspora different from other African diasporas? What theoretical and methodological insights does the study of these African migrants in China have on general theories of migration and diasporan studies? Read more

Announcement – ZIRPP Fourth Ordinary Meeting

ZIRPP Interim Executive Director, Mr Muhammad Yussuf, addressing the invited guests after the handing over of the Certificate of Registration

ZIRPP Interim Executive Director, Mr Muhammad Yussuf, addressing the invited guests after the handing over of the Certificate of Registration

This is to let you know that due to the exigencies of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, ZIRPP Fourth Ordinary Meeting that was scheduled to take place on Saturday 05 September 2009 has been postponed. You will be informed of the exact date, time and venue for the next meeting in due course. Read more

Certificate in Resources Mobilization for Non-Profits

Are you an Executive Director or manager of a non-profit organization. Are you working in the NGO sector? Is your organization’s sustainability threatened by shrinking donor support? Are you in charge of fundraising and resource mobilisation in your organization. Do want to enhance your skills in fundraising? Are you a trainer or consultant in fundraising and resource mob ilisation for the non-profit sector? If your answer to any or all of the above questions is yes, then this 20 days course organised jointly by GIMPA, the Resource Alliance (UK) and the African Women’s Development Foundation (AWDF) Ghana is definitely a must! The Certificate in Resources Mobilization for Non-Profits course will equip you with critical knowledge and skills which when applied in everyday work situations will result in a significant increase in the effectiveness of your fundraising. Come and learn from the experience of fundraising experts and donor agents. This is your organization’s ticket to financial sustainability. Read this announcement

A job for a qualified Tanzanian National

CNFA Inc., a global, US based; agribusiness development agency is implementing an Agrodealer Strengthening Program in Tanzania through its affiliate the Tanzania Agricultural Market Development Trust (TAGMARK) and seeks a Country Director to be based in Arusha. The incumbent will manage and provide overall strategic leadership towards successful implementation of the current program and create a foundation for new opportunities for growth. The person will report to the Regional Director and regular travel throughout the country is required. Read more