The State of Membership and Contribution to ZIRPP – An Update

Zanzibar Rupee

Zanzibar Rupee

Please be informed that, as of 19 November 2009, the following Zanzibaris have formally registered as members by duly filling in the application forms and paid up their annual subscription fees plus voluntary contributions to the Institute… Read the update

Comments from Zanzibaris via Internet


Dk Salim Ahmed Salim

Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim

Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim: Dhana ya kuanzisha Taasisi kama hiyo ni nzuri. Tafadhali endelea kuniarifu maendeleo yake. Ni muhimu Taasisi hiyo ionekane kwa fikra, dhana na vitendo kuwa ni Taasisi huru (independent) na pia haijaegemea upande wowote miongoni mwa vyama vya siasa (non-partisan). Read more comments from Zanzibaris


ZIRPP is a membership organization. Any individual who meets the following conditions and/or criteria may apply for membership to the Institute by duly filling in specially designed application forms to be provided by the Executive Office on demand and after paying a modest admission fee to be determined by the Governing Council for that particular purpose:

ZIRPP Group Photo

ZIRPP Group Photo

a) He/she must be a Zanzibari or of Zanzibari heritage;

b) He/she must be at least 18 years of age;

c) He/she must be of sound mind and submit an updated CV;

d) He/she must agree to the aims and objectives of the Institute;

Membership is also open to any non-Zanzibari individual who has conducted and/or undertaken the following work:

a) A specified amount of prior consultancy work on public policy matters on Zanzibar

b) A specified amount of publications on public policy issues on Zanzibar

c) A specified amount of any other research work related to public policy issues





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