23 08 2009

Issa Yussuf in Zanzibar, 11th April 2009 @ 10:29, Total Comments: 0, Hits: 33

Zanzibar’s academicians living abroad and home have formed a research NGO dubbed “Zanzibar Institute for Research and Public Policy (ZIRPP), that will function as a think-tank, research and policy based institute. Addressing a gathering during the launching ceremony, the acting chairman of the Board of Trustees of ZIRPP, Mr Muhammad Yussuf, said that the institute “will mobilize un-tapped human resources of Zanzibaris from within Zanzibar and in the Diaspora.”

“The institute shall seek to bring together the scattered Zanzibari human resources through transfer of technology and best practices and by means of sharing experiences in advancing and promoting various programmes in the Islands,” Mr Yussuf said.

He said other objectives of the research institute were to build a sustainable environment for research-to-policy activities and make a direct contribution to the overall development of Zanzibar and also work on general matters concerning unemployment, democracy, drug abuse, public health (including infant mortality and HIV/AIDS control) and environmental degradation.

Mr Yussuf said that his institute would also hold conferences, create website to link Zanzibaris wherever they were, create a ZIRPP archive on-line for policy makers and researchers, create forums, and prepare policy inputs on public policy issues to the Zanzibar government.

“Training researchers on how to write research proposal and to apply for research–to-policy grants and funding organizations; prepare through training the Zanzibari Members of Parliament and House of Representatives and create a library for the legislators for the purpose of promoting policy-to-research awareness. It will also conduct specific seminar and workshops aimed at improving management styles of Zanzibaris,” pointed out the acting chairperson.

Mr Yussuf said that the institute would collaborate with higher institutions and universities in Zanzibar and in the East African region and the Zanzibar Indian Ocean Research Institute (ZIORI), formed about three years ago to achieve its goals. The Zanzibar Registrar of Societies, Mr Abdallah Waziri, who was the chief guest, said at the function that the research institute was important for the development of Zanzibar.

Founders of the ZIRPP which some of its activities would be similar to that of the current project run by the University of Dar es Salaam’s Research and Education for Democracy in Tanzania (REDET), include — with their residence in brackets, Mr Nassor Mugheiry (Zanzibar), Mr Mohamed Ghassan (Dubai), Mr Mohamed Adam (UK), Mr Narendra Gajjar (Canada), Mr Hassan Omar (US) and Mr Mohamed Saleh (France).




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