Union:Zanzibaris to send their case to the ICJ

19 11 2009

A GROUP of Zanzibaris claiming that the current union was ‘unlawful,’ have vowed to fight-on for what they call ‘new union,’ by filing a case at the International Court of Justice, following UN response to their letter sent to the world body last May.

Mr Rashid Addy, the leader of the group told a press conference last week at the Information Centre (Habari Maelezo), that they were not pleased with the UN response to their demand from “UN to explain thoroughly about the foundation of the union between Zanzibar and Tanganyika.”

The group argues that the current union was illegal, accusing the UN, the Attorney Generals of Zanzibar and Mainland, Speakers of both Zanzibar and Mainland, the Chief Secretary of the Zanzibar Revolutionary Council and the union president for forcing the existence of the union. Mr Addy and his group, represented by a Kenyan advocate Japheth Chidzipha, wants the current union quashed to pave way for the new formation of the union.

“Zanzibar first president did not sign the union articles, the Zanzibar Revolutionary Council did not endorse the union and even there is no acceptable union constitution,” Addy argues.

In a reply to the Zanzibaris group, the UN’s Resident Co-ordinator in Tanzania, Mr Alberic Kacou, said, “the union between Zanzibar and Tanganyika in the United Nations stands as one sovereign country.”

“On 2nd November, 1964 the permanent mission of the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar informed the secretary general that, ‘the united republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar shall, with immediate effect, be known as the United Republic of Tanzania,” the UN letter states.

Mr Addy told journalists in Zanzibar that his group was preparing to file the case at the Hague against the mentioned parties, for undermining Zanzibar before next year general elections, “we are planning to join the US and Britain in the case for allegedly baking the Tanzania union, he said” Similar case was filed at the Zanzibar High Court in 2005, but was dismissed in 2006 on technicalities.

However, the High Court judge at that time, Mr Mbarouk Salim, ruled that the Zanzibar AG office did not possess an original copy of the agreement for the union in April, 1964.

Source: Daily News




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