Chande Omar

10 02 2010



Name: Chande Omar Omar
Date of Birth: April 24, 1959
Place of Birth: Zanzibar, Tanzania
Nationality: Tanzanian
Marital status: Married
Email Address:
Tel: 0773917519 Cellular


2000 – 2001; Master of Arts Degree in Film Studies, University of Newcastle, U.K.;
1993 1996; Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Arts, University of Visual Arts, Hamburg, Germany;
1980 1982; Diploma in Journalism, Tanzania School of Journalism, Dar es salaam, Tanzania;


1985; Certificate in TV/Film Production, Radio Netherlands Training Center, Netherlands;
1990; Certificate in News and Current Affairs, (Radio Netherlands Training Center), Netherlands;
2001; Certificate in TV Management, (Deutschewelle), Zanzibar;
2002; Certificate in Documentary Program Production, (KBS), Seoul, South Korea;


(From 2006 to date), Director General, Television Zanzibar;
Since 2002; Part time Lecturer, Faculty of Performing Arts, University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania;
Chairman, Board of Directors, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Zanzibar, Tanzania;
Member, Board of Directors, Tanzania Media Council;
Member, Board of Directors, Zanzibar International Film Festival;
Member, Board of Directors, Zanzibar Broadcasting Commission;
1979; Reporter, Department of Television, Zanzibar, Tanzania;
1985; Producer; Department of Television, Zanzibar, Tanzania;
1997; Head of News and Current Affairs, TVZ, Zanzibar, Tanzania;


Over 30 years of news directing in studio and on location, video/film editing, producing/directing films/video;
2. 8 years of teaching Film/TV production, writing for TV and Film, Children’s programs for Television at the University of Dar es salaam


1984, Coverage of IRAN – IRAQ war (reporting for East Africa from Iran);
1986, Coverage of Restoration of old Town in Cairo Egypt (Documentary for Agha-Khan Foundation);
1987, Coverage of President Idris Abdulwakil’s visit in the Comoros (Documentary for Television Zanzibar);
1987, Coverage of President Ali Hassan Miwinyi’s visit to Germany (Documentary for German Internationales);
1999, Coverage of President Salmin Amour’s visit to Libya (Documentary for Television Zanzibar);


1996, ‘Sudi ya Pendo’, Long TV Play, won a prize in Tokyo video competition, Japan;
1997, ‘The Dhow Tradition’, Documentary Video, won a prize in International video competition, Japan;
1997 ‘Ndoa ya Mwaluko’, Long TV Play shown on TV stations in Tanzania;
1998 ‘Nyayo za shetani’, Action Video for young people shown on TVZ;
2002 ‘Makaburi Yatasema’, Long Feature on the Plight of AIDS in Tanzania, won a second place for East African films in Zanzibar International Film Festival. (Subtitled in English);
2003 ‘Wakiwa’; A Long Feature on Orphans in Bukoba, Tanzania, Presented to Zanzibar International film Festival, 2004 for competition, (Subtitled in English);
2004 ‘Mapambazuko’, A Long Feature for a Special Campaign, ‘Giving Women a Voice’, presented to Zanzibar International film Festival for screening;
2004 THE TGPSH-GTZ LINDI EXPERIENCE, Documentary (Subtitled in English);
2005 The role of Young Parliamentarians in Tanzania, Documentary for GTZ (Subtitled in English);
2005 SERIKALI ZA MITAA HATIMA YETU, Docudrama, shown on 1st July on TV stations in Tanzania, as part of campaign for Local Government Reforms;
2006 ‘Mwari Kavunja Ungo’ – Docudrama on Traditional way of Training Young Girls;
2006 ‘Fimbo ya Baba’, TV Film on Forced Marriages and HIV, shown on wide public in Pangani, Tanga and on TV stations in Tanzania;
2008 Documentary on 13 Years of REDET;
2008 “Nyufa”, A Short Feature Film on early unwanted pregnancies;


Traveling, reading, cinema, swimming


English, German and Kiswahili




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