29 11 2009

Abdallah Hassan Mitawi
P.O. Box 314

Mobile: 0783 289464 or 0773 291247

Nationality: Tanzanian

2006-2007 Cardiff University (UK)
Masters (MA) of International Public Relations
Modules included International Public Relation Theory & Practice, Communication Planning, Professional Writing, Communication Strategies, Communication skills, International Market, Research, Internet and New Media.

2003-2006 Graduated University of Dar es Salaam (Journalism)
Modules included TV Production, Mass Communication, News Writing, Feature Writing, Photojournalism, Newspapers design and Production, Sociology, Media Management and Broadcasting

2002-2003 University of Dar es Salaam
Advance Certificate in Journalism

1999-2000 Zanzibar Polytechnic LTD, Course Included MS Words, Excel, P.Point,
Access, Publisher and Internet

1997-1999 TVZ Training Centre, Certificate in TV News Coverage


2009 Training for facilitators, organized by ILO in Ethiopia

2009 Election Reporting organized by Konrad foundation at Johannesburg, South Africa

2009 East Africa Common Market Reporting organized by Deutsche Welle
At Arusha, Tanzania

2004 Self Organization and Event Management, Organized by Deutsch Welle
Training Centre (German) Course included Self-Organization: Principles
And Techniques, Communication Skills with IT Support: Theory and
Practice, Project Management, Team Building, Web sites and IT solutions.

2004 Consumer Reporting in TV, Conducted by Deutsch Welle Training Centre

1999 TV Production Techniques perform, Managed by Deutsch Welle Television Training Centre Berlin.


2009 Head of consultant on the project sponsored by UNDP on Produce voter
Education material for Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) for the 2005
General election

2009 Facilitated five workshops from different groups organized by Zanzibar
Electoral Commission (ZEC), which leading into formulate ZEC
Communication strategy for the period of 2009 – 2014

2009 Facilitated GNRC workshop during the Zanzibar International Film
Festival on July, 2009, the main objective of the workshop was to come up
With one voice about binding society together regardless their believes
And environmental factors

2008 to date Head of Current Affair programs and News Editor in TVZ

2008 Formulated and design publicity materials for Poverty Reduction Campaign in Zanzibar

2000- 2008 Journalist, news director and news editor in Television Zanzibar (TVZ)

2005-2006 Minister Without Port Folio, University of Dar es Salaam students organization (DARUSO-IJMC)

2006 Worked with TRA Zanzibar in the department of taxpayer education for
Practical training

2003-2005 Minister for Academics, University of Dar es Salaam students organization (DARUSO-IJMC)

2005 Participated in Television ya Taifa (TVT) as news reporter for practical training

2004 Participated in Berlin ale International Film Festival (Berlin-German), As Public Relations team, Berlin ale Film Festival is among the largest film festival in the World.

2000-2002 Journalist Association of Zanzibar (JAZ), Assistant Program Coordinator, among my responsibilities was to help coordinator implemented JAZ programs such as internal and external communication, organized seminar and be a link between management and JAZ members.

1999-to date Worked with different Printing Media in Tanzania such as Jukwaa newspaper, Mfanyakazi, Zanzibar Leo, Zanzibar Wiki Hii, Mwananchi and Population and Development newsletter, which is under Zanzibar Ministry of Finance as correspondent and features writer.

1999-2008 Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), Managed and
Organized events, Deals with media and Formulated Communication Strategies for the festival.


Public Relations for the national development
The power of Communication strategy
Communication and the new media
Issues and Dilemma of Media in Zanzibar


Public Relations in Television (2007) published by Cardiff University Press
Communication Strategy for the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (2009)


Producing live discussion program air every Thursday night on Television Zanzibar known as ‘Murika’
2009 Involved in Produce short documentary on ‘Poverty Reduction in Zanzibar’ showed in different parts in Zanzibar for education purpose
2009 produced short documentary on ‘ Zanzibar Small Medium Entrepreneurs’ shown in Television Zanzibar and different parts in Tanzania


Project management skills achieved during my work with JAZ as assistant coordinator, by that time the Journalist Association of Zanzibar was gained funds from Ford Foundation, HIVOS and Nordic Countries.
Presentation Skills acquired during in paper presenting at different seminar and workshops.
Organized several events and conference hikes whilst a Media coordinator with ZIFF and Minister at DARUSO
Good written communication skills gained during my studies, where clear, concise reports are essential and through writing articles for newspapers. Verbal communication skills developed through delivery of presentations at University and seminars.
Research skills including techniques of doing academic research.
IT literate in a range of packages including Words, Excel, Access, SPSS, etc.

Journalist Association of Zanzibar (JAZ)
Zanzibar Press Club (ZPC)
Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
Chama Cha Waandishi wa habari za Maendeleo Zanzibar (ZAWAMAZA)


Chande Omar Prof Mwajabu Posi
Director of TVZ Director of the Institute of
P.O. Box 314 Journalism and Mass Comm (IJMC)
0773917519 University of Dar Es Salaam> Mobile 0784 613026

Ayub Rioba
Lecturer UDSM & MISA Chairman
P.O. Box 4067
0713 250594




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