Dr Mohamed Adam

10 11 2009



Personal contact:
15 Fern Path,
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Email: AdamMhmd@aol.com
Tel (Home): 570-369-4740
Tel (Cell): 570-540- 3347

Office contact:
Stroud Hall Room 101D,
Department of Geography,
East Stroudsburg University,
200 Prospect Street,
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301-2999
570- 422-3430 (Office)


• August 2008 to today – Assistant Professor of Geography. Department of Geography, East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania.
• August 2005 to July 2008 – Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography. Department of Earth Sciences, University of Memphis, Tennessee.
• August 1977 to August 2005 – Hold positions as a Teaching Assistant, Tutor and Lecturer.
o Department of Geography, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
o Department of African and African American Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
o Summer School, Kansas African Studies Center, Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas.
o Athletic Department, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas.


• Ph. D in Geography, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA, December 2003.
Thesis: Urban Growth Through Time and Space: A study of the Role of Planners in dealing with Urban Sprawl in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

• M. Sc Economics (Development Policy and Planning), 1992, University of Wales, Swansea, United Kingdom.
Thesis: Land Management in the Marginal Lands of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

• Postgraduate Diploma in Development Policy and Planning, 1991, Center for Development Studies, Swansea, United Kingdom.

• Postgraduate Diploma in Housing, Planning and Building, 1988, Institute for Housing Studies, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Thesis: Policy Towards Housing Popular Group of Zanzibar – A Cry for Recognition: Case study of Zanzibar Town.

• Advanced Diploma in Land Management and Valuation, 1983-1986, Ardhi University, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.
Thesis: Legislative Measures and Property Development in Zanzibar- A case study of Zanzibar town.

I have 11 years teaching experience in teaching a wide range of courses of geography and humanities. I taught three years at University of Memphis and eight years at Kansas University.
• East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, Department of Geography: Urban Geography, Cultural geography, World Regional Geography, Geography of Africa, Economic Geography and Political Geography.
• University of Memphis, Department of Earth Sciences: Urban Geography, Urbanization and Environment, Surveys of World Regions, Cultural geography, Weather and Climate/ Introduction to Environment, and Physical geography (Landforms)
• University of Memphis, Department of African and African American Studies: Geography of Africa.
• University of Kansas, Department of Geography: Physical Geography, World Regional Geography, Human geography, Environmental Geography, World Regional Geography.
• University of Kansas, Department of African and African American Studies: Human geography of Africa, African Traditional Religion and Thoughts, Introduction to African History, Modern African History, and Kiswahili language.
• University of Kansas, Kansas African Studies Center: Introduction to Geography of Africa and Islam in Africa.

My research interest has largely focused on three main areas: (i) Issues of urbanization and environment in Africa, (ii) Recent Immigration in North America, and Issues of Development and Politics in Africa.

• Dosi, Mohamed and Myers, Garth, Tanzanians in the Land of Oz: Diaspora, Transnationality, and Translocality in Wichita, Kansas, Journal of Social and Cultural Geography, Vol8, Issue5, October 2007, pages 657-671.

• Dosi, Mohamed Adam (1994) Zanzibar: Community Participation in Tourism Planning. In John Best and Erlet Carter (eds). The Rural Extension Bulletin. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Department, University of Reading, United Kingdom, p. 42-43.

• Dosi, Mohamed Adam and Issa A.S. (1995) sustainable Development in Zanzibar –focusing on land use planning and environmental management issues. A paper published in the proceedings of Conference organized by Commonwealth Association of surveying and Land economy (CASLE) and International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) on “Sustainable development : counting the cost – maximizing the value” held in Harare , Zimbabwe in August 1995.

• Documentary video: Tourism Planning in Zanzibar- a case study of Community Participation, Ministry of Water, Construction, Energy, Lands and Environment, Zanzibar, Tanzania ,1995.

• Dosi, Mohamed A. and Sharif, M.H. (2009) The Nation, Nationalism and Patriotism in Zanzibar. Paper presented at the MUWAZA Conference in London, December 12 -14, 2008. Planned to be published in the African Studies Journal or Political Geography Journal in the Fall 2009.

• Dosi, Mohamed A. Recent Experiences of African Immigration Adjustment: Case Study of Tanzanians in the USA; presented to the Mid-America Alliance for African Studies (MAAAS), September 28, 2007. Planned to be published in the Journal of Social Geography in spring 2010.

• Dosi, Mohamed A. Land Legislations and Politics of Squatter Settlement Development in Zanzibar, Tanzania; planned to be published in 2010.

• Member of Value Committee for the College of Arts and Sciences, East Stroudsburg University, 2009.
• Member of the Faculty Promotion Committee for Department of Geography, 2008-2009.
• Involved in Strategic Planning for College of Arts and Sciences, East Stroudsburg University, 2009.

• Association of American Geographers
• International Geographical Honor Society, Gamma Theta Upsilon.
• East African Environmental Impact Assessment Association.
• African Studies Association, USA.
• Mid-America Alliance for African Studies (MAAAS), Member at Large.
• Pennsylvania Canadian Studies Consortium.

• 2005-Kansas Humanities Council Award, $8,000, Studying “Identity, Voice, and Community among New African Immigrants to Kansas,”
• Department of Geography Graduate School fellowship, tuition and Stripend $12,000/yr (1997/1998)
• Department of Geography Graduate School fellowship, tuition and Stripend $12,000/yr (1998/1999)

• March 2009, Participated in Annual Conference of Pennsylvania Canadian Studies Consortium.
• December 2008, Participated in the Conference of Delaware River Valley Geographical Society.
• September 2007, Presented a paper titled Creativity and Cultural Expression in Urban Landscape of Zanzibar, Mid-America Alliance for African Studies (MAAAS) Conference.
• November 3, 2006, Presented a paper titled Creativity and Cultural Expression in Urban Landscape of Zanzibar, Mid-America Alliance for African Studies (MAAAS) Conference.
• October ,12,2004 – Presented a paper titled Immigration in Kansas: case study of Zanzibar American Association on a workshop organized by African Studies Resource Center of Kansas University on a theme African Immigrant Communities in Kansas city: Institution Building and Community Organizing.

• Summer, 2000, I was involved in organizing International seminar on African Environment jointly sponsored by Geography Department and African Studies Department held in August, 2000. I also participated in the seminar as a participant.
• Sept 2000 – Participated the International seminar on African Environment, Kansas University.
• June, 1996 – 2 weeks participation in the Habitat II Conference at Istanbul, Turkey.
• March, 1996 – Participated Common Wealth Association of Surveyors and land Economy Conference, Harare, Zimbabwe.
• January 1996 -3 weeks workshops of United Nations Habitat at UN headquarter in New York as a member of the preparatory committee for Habitat II Conference.

• Study tour in Helsinki, Finland, July 1995 – Two weeks tour for studying environmental management and land information system.
• Study visit to Botswana for studying issues of management of land uses and environmental planning in arid areas of Botswana, March 1996.
• Study visit to South Africa (March 1996) – city planning.
• Study visit to Mauritius (in 1994) – for studying about how eco-tourism and environmental friendly export processing industries can be instituted.
• Study visits to Kenya (1994,1995,1996) between one week to week each visit for the purpose of observing how large tourism have been implemented in coastal Kenya (Mombasa and Malindi) , its environmental impact, and impacts to local institutions, and efforts to rehabilitate environmentally damaged areas and conserve the endangered areas and species.
• Study tour in Turkey, in 1988 – One month tour to learn about the squatter housing and their environment and social impact in three cities (Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul).

• Proficient in the use of :
o Microsoft: Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint.
o Prentice Hall: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).
• Basic knowledge of GIS software: Arc View, Arc info and Erdass Imagine

• Very fluent in English language, Native speaker of Kiswahili.
• Some understanding of Arabic language.

• March to May 1990, Study to establish a project for land adjudication, surveying and land registration in Zanzibar financed by FINNIDA. (Consultant counterpart)
• June to July 1990, a consultancy on strategies for integrating tourism and environment management in Zanzibar, Tanzania, financed by FINNIDA. (Consultant counterpart)
• 1994, Participatory Rapid Rural Assessment of Small Islands of Unguja and Pemba, Zanzibar, Tanzania co-financed by FINNIDA and World Bank.(PI)
• 1993-1995, Zanzibar National Land Use Planning, Zanzibar, Tanzania financed by FINNIDA.(PI)

• April 1996 – August 1996, Interim Project Manager of Misali Marine Conservation Project, , Zanzibar, Tanzania
• March 1990- March 1996, Senior Land Use Planner, Land Use Planning Unit, Commission for Lands and Environment, Zanzibar, Tanzania.
• August 1980 to July 1983, Manpower Planning Assistant, Manpower Planning Department, Planning Commission, Zanzibar, Tanzania.
• July 1986 to July 1988, Principal Appraiser /Valuer/ Head of Social Section in Stone Town Conservation Authority, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Construction, Zanzibar, Tanzania.
• January 1989- March 1990, Senior Land Officer, Department of Lands and Surveys, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Construction, Zanzibar, Tanzania.




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