Ms Zeyana’s comments on ZIRPP establishment

30 09 2009

Well, well at last. The islands will not sink. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Zeyana Abdulla Hamid. I am a Zanzibari, still in school taking MSc in Health Informatics and MSc in Health Administration at the University of Missouri, Columbia. I am so determined to go back home after completing my study programme though blindly I do not even know where to start when I get there. People think that I am crazy with my determination, but I say it will be worth trying. Reading this email today was like someone introducing me to an opportunity to live my dream on. Please connect me to the correspondence of the core group of this initiative. Allow me to invite others in joining forces by at least asking their opinions. I will urge you to feed us more on the plan and documentation; I mean the headings are yummy…but how far has it been put in writing? I am sure you have something; can we share these documents that are to ensure the sustainability and focus of the task force, as well as having us on board? ‘Us’ being the persons who can really give things up to save Zanzibar with no other particular self-interest. We need to read the goals, objectives, strategies crystal clear, cause I know less, but this list of concerns are many, we know they are really many in the society too. But I am concerned for its long lasting, we may not need a whole bunch of people working so hard but hardly working, if you know what I mean. Also, when defining goals, I know that in Zanzibar we have a significant number of people we call them ‘wasiopenda maendeleo’ who will be there just to turn other people’s efforts down for different, unwise, may I not say stupid reasons, to affiliate it with politics and place you in the opposition even if you want to stand neutral; which I believe is what this experienced group is willing to do. So, I will just urge them not to be waived and focus ahead. I am one of those who will need to work with them especially in the health sector reform. I need them to proceed – and YES WE CAN. And may I say as I always do: The islands will not sink.




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