Announcement: 9th International Conference of the Centre for human development and vice control

23 09 2009

9th International Conference

Centre for human development and vice control CHDVC cordially invites you to attend the 9th International conference with the theme, Human Empowerment “The Key to Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction”. To be held in USA and UK. The conference is a combine conference with two segments.


1. The events shall commence on the 7th till the 10th of November, 2009 at

Water Front auditorium,

2248 Alaskan Way, Pier 72

Seattle, WA 98127


2. While the second segment in the UK shall commence on the 13th November till 16th November,

2009 at Queen Park Conference Centre

7 Derby Cottages



Hampshire SP13 10BQ

London, United Kingdom.

This conference will address the issue of Youth & Women Empowerment, Poverty Reduction: from the individual to the global community. More than ever before, Individuals, Youth Associations, Religious Groups, Environmental NGOs, Community Associations and Nonprofit Organizations are being called to operate transparently, and adhere to the highest code of ethical conduct of living in service to others for human development. The conference will explore new ways to enhance empowerment to make youths & women of our society viable to face challenges that confronts underdeveloped & developing countries.

Additionally, the 9th International conference will be a unique meeting place for individuals, nonprofits, civil societies, religious group(s), and representatives from governmental and non governmental sectors to share innovative ideas and practices, make relationships, and build strategic partnerships.
Professional training seminars and workshops for representatives of nonprofits and NGOs will also be offered throughout the conference in topics including:

(1) Empowerment Through Effective Service

(2) Youth/Women empowerment our stronghold

(3) Development Sustainability the way forward

(4) Empowerment for a better society.

Conference Registration.

Registration is free. Contact the organizing committee secretariat via email:

for more information about registration process.

We also send greetings to all our members with much regards to all volunteers and sponsors of our events. Of all, the tools at our disposal to promote the security of people, none offers great potential than the one we are using. Yet this medium of fighting against social vice is still to be used to its fullest. We are only at the beginning of the curve in determining the potential of this new tool. As we see the explosion of public enterprises, e-commerce and integrated networks that is driving the private sector ahead, we need an equivalent boost to serve the public good and to also advance the welfare and safety of individual’s world over.

Provisions for participants:

All intending participants to this forthcoming conference in USA and UK must put many things into considerations before taking decision to participate in this event. Provisions have been made for participants which include: all round flight tickets, feeding and accommodation in the US . These will be taken care of by our sponsors. Delegates will take care of their hotel reservation in the UK during the second conference as our sponsors did not make provisions for that.

The delegates who need the authorization of the USA visas to participate in this event must pay for the hotel reservations in the UK while our sponsors would pay the hotel bills for all delegates in the USA. Note that delegates MUST attend the two segments of the conference. This will enable us know those that are coming for the conference really and must go back to their countries after the combine conference If you have considered thus, then you should get back to us for the registration forms. We normally register a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 5 persons per group..

Delegates should contact the secretary for details of the selected hotels which are close to the venue of the event and at cheaper rates. In order to receive the conference materials as well as other information, you should get back to me.

Your Sincerely,

Mrs. Gabriella Candy




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