Record of the meeting after registration

29 08 2009


Record of Meeting that took place on Friday 17 April 2009 at 10.00 AM at ATC Office Building to discuss the Institute’s course of action after the handing-over of the Certificate of Registration by
Mr. Abdullah Waziri, the Registrar of Societies.

Present at the meeting were:

Mr. Muhammad Yussuf Founder Member Chairman
Mr. Nassor Mugheiry Founder Member
Mr. Narendra Gajjar Founder Member
Mr. Jumbe Said Ibrahim Founder Member
Mr. Mbarouk Shaaban Founder Member
Mr. Abdulla Ghassany Member
Mr. Dennis Bilali Member

The Chairman, Mr Muhammad Yussuf, opened the meeting by informing the members present that the Agenda of the meeting that was unanimously endorsed by the members without any amendments would include the following items:

1. The Appointment of an Interim Executive Director and an Interim Financial Manager.

The chairman elaborated that in order for the Institute to start its work immediately, it was very essential to appoint the two officials on an interim basis in order to run the day-to-day activities of the Institute until such point in time when the General Assembly has duly appointed members of the Governing Council who have the constitutional mandate to formally appoint the above-mentioned staff.

After exhaustive deliberation that ensued, the meeting decided to appoint Mr. Muhammad Yussuf as an interim Executive Director and Mr. Jumbe Said Ibrahim as an Interim Financial Manager of the Institute with immediate effect. It was also decided that the Financial Manager should start immediately the process of opening up the Institute’s bank account(s).

2. The Appointment of Members of the Board of Trustees.

The Chairman recommended to the members present to consider seriously the need to appoint members of the Board of Trustees at this stage, also on an interim basis, in order to enable the Institute to function smoothly as preparations are under way to recruit enough members who will be expected to constitute the General Assembly and therefore put in place all the organs of the Institute in accordance with the Charter requirements.

After very constructive deliberations, the meeting decided to appoint Mr. Nassor Mugheiry, Ms. Maryam Hamdani, Mr. Mbarouk Shaaban, Ms. Fatma Gharib Bilal and Mr. Abdulla Ghassany as members of the Board of Trustees with immediate effect. It was also unanimously agreed that the newly elected members of the Board of Trustees shall be allowed to elect the Chairman of the Board amongst themselves. The Executive Director shall be the de jure Secretary of the Board of Trustees and shall have no vote in the decision-making process of the Board.

3. Membership Representation

The Chairman informed the members that the Charter provided that the Institute’s expenses shall be borne by its members as apportioned by the General Assembly on a chapter basis. The meeting shall, therefore, have to make a decisive clarification on whether the chapter basis envisaged by the Charter meant membership representation at the city level or at the country level. In fact, this particular concern was raised by Mr. Narendra Gajjar who proposed earlier that membership of the Institute should be based on a city-wise chapter representation rather than on a country-wise basis since, for example, there were so many Zanzibaris living in some major cities in Canada that may constitute a significant base for a full-fledged chapter representation.

After thoughtful examination on the merit regarding the whole issue of membership representation, the meeting decided that membership should be based mainly on a city-wise chapter representation.

4. Public Relations

The members present discussed and exchanged views extensively on the important issue of publicity and how the Institute could reach out to members of the public in terms of creating a sustainable awareness on the activities of the Institute.

Finally, after extensive deliberations that ensued, the meeting decided that the Institute should request for air times, seek interviews, conducting press conferences with TVZ and other Television Networks in Zanzibar and Tanzania in general on a regular basis. The Institute should also present feature articles for publishing with various newspapers in the country; as well as making arrangements with specific TV Networks with the view to participating in the special programmes aimed at publicizing the Institute.

The meeting also decided to appoint Mr. Dennis Bilali of TVZ as a special coordinator on a voluntary basis who will help to bring the Institute closer to the local press media as well as assisting the Institute in terms of organizing press conferences, interviews and other public relations activities.

5. The Institute’s Premise

The meeting discussed extensively the issue of the Institute’s premise for its offices.
After invaluable contributions from members, the meeting decided that the interim Executive Director should write a letter to the Chief Secretary of the Zanzibar Government, Mr. Ramadhan Moumbwa, with the objective of making a formal request for a premise to house the Institute’s offices. It was the view of all members present that The White Villa Building situated at the Golf Club opposite Maisara Grounds constituted an ideal choice for an office building for the Institute. However, the members had cautiously expressed an opinion to the effect that the Institute should remain flexible for any other offer for a suitable alternative building from the Government.

6. ZIRPP Website

The meeting discussed in length the urgent need towards the establishment of the Institute’s own website. After careful consideration on the merit of the proposal put forward by Mr. Narendra Gajjar who impressed upon all the other members present on the wisdom of consulting someone who has the vast experience and tested know-how in such matters, it was subsequently decided that Dr. Hassan Omar Ali, one of the founding members of the Institute, should be requested to provide his expert opinion on this important issue before any concrete decision was taken at this stage.

7. Meeting with the President

All members present expressed the view that, after duly receiving the Certificate of Registration, it was now time for the Interim leadership of the Institute to seek an audience with His Excellency President Amani Abeid Karume in order to appraise him on the aims and objectives of the Institute as well as requesting him to use his good offices and considerable influence in support of the work of the Institute, and more specifically with regard to the Institute’s request for premise to house its offices.

It was, therefore, decided that the interim Executive Director should submit, on behalf of the Institute, a special request to the State House for audience with the President as soon as possible.

8. Resource Mobilization Strategy

All members present had unanimously expressed the view that in order for the Institute to begin its operations, it shall need adequate financial resources as soon as possible. The Chairman, Mr. Yussuf, informed the members that as a gesture of goodwill and strong belief in the invaluable work of the Institute, he was pledging to make a personal contribution of Ths.1 million. He pleaded to each member present to make whatever contributions that one may afford in order to kick-start the important work of the Institute without any further delay.

At this stage all members agreed that each one of them would make some modest contributions at an appropriate time.

Finally, after exhaustive deliberations on the matter, it was decided that a special meeting on resource mobilization strategy should be convened on Sunday 26 April 2009 at 9.30 AM at the same venue so that members could have the opportunity to brainstorming extensively and uniquely on this particular issue that may have the effects of making or breaking the future prospects of the Institute.

9. Adjournment

The Chairman, after expressing his sincere thanks and gratitude to all the members present for their invaluable contributions, adjourned the meeting at 12.00AM.

Muhammad Yussuf
Chairman and Secretary of the Meeting




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